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Merna and friends in Egypt On a recent mission trip to Egypt, Chris had a frightening experience, but with a reminder of Psalm 23, and an encounter with a remarkable nine-year-old mentor, Chris remembered that the Lord is our Shepherd, no matter what circumstances we encounter. Be encouraged by his story today and share with us when simple truths have come to you through the faith of a child. Continue reading

Waiting with Joy and Hope...

posted by Dani Nichols
Waiting can be very difficult, but in the season of Advent, we are reminded to embrace joy and hope as we wait; that Messiah has come and we are redeemed. Let’s show the world a Christmas season of beautiful anticipation, and cling to God’s promises as we celebrate his coming; this time of precious, hopeful, joyous Advent, even as we wait.

Video Spotlight 9/17/2014

Q Ideas | Dayton Castleman | Art for the Common Good

Peek inside the mind of Dayton Castleman, an artist who prefers to work in site-specific constructive art and who hails from a family of pastors, authors and theologians. What does aesthetic stewardship look like in a world desperate for beauty and meaning?

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