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Worldly Wisdom Or God’s Wisdom (Part 2)

07.28.14 posted by Dr. Richard Krejcir
Blog-72814 Self-seeking envy and the world’s earthly, unspiritual and demonic wisdom creates strife and disharmony in our lives. It gains us nothing of eternal value, but only pushes us further from God by distorting the truth, as James warned us. When we chase the world’s wisdom, our knowledge reflects evil; it is foolishness and opposes God's love for us. Continue reading

Our Surprising, Holy,...

posted by Trochia
Take 5
When God seems far away or quiet, or when he surprises us with his love, grace and holiness, we often find ourselves in worship. In today’s Take Five, we look at the many ways to explore and worship our infinite God and loving Father in Heaven. How will you seek God today? Continue reading

Video Spotlight 7/17/2014

God's Miraculous Plan

"Why God, was I born this way?" That's the question Nick Vujicic wondered after being born without limbs. Nick discovered God's miraculous plan for his life as a worldwide evangelist sharing the message of redemption through Jesus Christ.

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