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The Epic Story of the Bible, Part 6: Job

05.18.15 posted by Dr. Richard Krejcir
Epic Story of the Bible: Job Despite his pain, Job interceded on behalf of his foolish friends, just as Jesus, our Savior, intercedes for us. As Job went through great sufferings, he persevered when it did not make sense to him or to us. We can learn how to trust God through this epic story of the Bible. Continue reading

Honor, Courage and Faith...

posted by Dani Nichols
Blog - Honor, Courage and Faith
In today’s Take Five, we’re going to revisit some posts on Trochia that deal with these themes. Whether you are looking for faith in our powerful God, courage to pray, strength to honor and follow Christ well, we hope that today’s posts encourage you. Continue reading

Video Spotlight 9/17/2014

Watch this...

Its easy to find things on the Internet that bring you down, but here something that is sure to make your day better. We love this video by SoulPancake and we think you'll too. It's about an experiment on what makes people happier. BTW, we're thankful for you!

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