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How Do We Seek First the Kingdom of God?

07.26.15 posted by Suzie Lind
Seeking the Kingdom of God “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33 This is probably a familiar verse, but what does seeking the Kingdom of God mean? How do we seek it “first”? Suzy reflects on these and a few other questions about seeking God. Continue reading

5 Steps to Bloom Where...

posted by Guest Writer; Ginger Ciminello
Bloom where you're planted
There is really no way to fully prepare for the break-ups, sudden moves or job changes, for the transitions or surprises of life. How are we to remain productive, joyful and contented no matter what happens? In today's podcast, Ginger Ciminello offers five steps grounded in Scripture to help us grow and flourish no matter the circumstances.

Video Spotlight 9/17/2014

Watch this...

Its easy to find things on the Internet that bring you down, but here something that is sure to make your day better. We love this video by SoulPancake and we think you'll too. It's about an experiment on what makes people happier. BTW, we're thankful for you!

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