Trochia Ministries Contributors

Trochia has a fantastic team of writers, podcasters, preachers, poets, speakers and other passionate Christians that regularly submit original content for our platform. We seek excellence and the Lord’s leading in all of our efforts so that our audience is equipped and encouraged to grow in their faith and build a closer relationship with Jesus.

Our contributors are committed to creating content that is strongly biblical, avoiding the extremes of thin theology and academic rhetoric.  They are ethical and humble people that demonstrate an open-handed approach in their pursuit of truth.  Yet, they are also willing to be bold and courageous in their devotion to the Trochia Statement of Faith.  They strive to speak the truth in love with a gentle and non-critical spirit.  We celebrate the uniqueness of each contributor while at the same time proclaiming a unified message to the world about Jesus and the Word of God.

Learn about each contributor by clicking their names below:

InesFranklin-2 RichardKrejcir FredGladney
DaniNichols KeithFerrin EricHeard
DennisLinthicum AmyHemseri SarahMarkley
CraigMorris TammyVanella GregHaugh
LeslieBrogdon FrankCarpenter RJThesman

The following writers produce articles and also write our Narrow Way Devotional:

JoHannahReardon JanetHanson ChrisGreer
AnnePeterson SuzieLind CindyBaum

From time to time, we invite guest writers to submit content.  The following are some of them:

MaryDeMuth JohnTownsend KennonVaughn