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God’s Word Prunes Our Lives (John 15:1-8)

01.26.15 posted by Ines Franklin
I chose the word “fruitful” inspired by John 15:1-8 as my one word for the next twelve months. When we strengthen our connection with Jesus by regularly spending time reading, studying and meditating on God’s Word and in prayer, he is faithful ... Continue reading →

Three Biblical Tips for Peace-Loving Christians

11.24.14 posted by JoHannah Reardon
If you are a peace-loving Christian, you may find truth-tellers hard to live with, because they are often so zealous for truth that they trample over others in their fervor. However, the peace-loving Christian needs to figure out how to stand ... Continue reading →
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A Hog’s Guide to the Christian Life (Podcast)

08.03.14 posted by Fred Gladney
What do you think of when you hear the word “hog”? Most people think of an animal, but in this podcast, Fred uses the acronym HOGS to teach us and help us remember the principles of a Christian life. Listen and ponder - how can this guide offer ... Continue reading →
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