God's love

God’s Love in Loneliness

03.02.15 posted by RJ Thesman
Most of the time, I enjoy my single woman status, but once in a while, the loneliness of my singleness creeps in like a black cloud that hovers over a previously sunny day. But, in prayer I'm reminded that God wants relationship with me, and ... Continue reading →
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Prayer: in Faith or in a Temper Tantrum?

12.01.14 posted by Tammy Vanella
Tammy recently saw a license plate frame which boasted, “I saw it. I wanted it. I threw a fit. I got it!” Sadly, we often approach God in a similar manner when we pray, making our prayers short-sighted and more like a temper tantrum than a ... Continue reading →
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Why We Struggle with Prayer

08.26.13 posted by Dr. Richard Krejcir
We are in a war between what we think is important and what God says is important. Prayer is a struggle for us because, although we need it, we either forget to do it or do not desire it. However, prayer is important. It puts our lives into ... Continue reading →
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