There Was No Other Way (Poem)

08.07.13 posted by Anne Peterson
Have you ever wondered why Jesus went through so much pain and suffering on the cross? Have the circumstances of Jesus’ death ever caused you to doubt God’s love or goodness? If you’ve ever considered these kinds of questions, perhaps this poem ... Continue reading →
There Was No Other Way

There Was No Other Way

06.02.13 posted by Anne Peterson
Poet Anne Peterson shares her personal salvation story and a reflection on Jesus’ sacrificial love for us in this podcast. We hope that this podcast gives you encouragement and moves your heart as it has moved ours. Please share any questions, ... Continue reading →

Fully Human 7: Gethsemane

09.14.12 posted by Greg Haugh
If the person to whom we look for reassurance and strength is barely holding things together, this can often rock our confidence or shake our worldview. In this piece, Greg helps us see how Jesus’ disciples must have felt rocked and shaken ... Continue reading →
Saved for a Purpose

Saved for a Purpose

06.14.12 posted by Amy Hemseri-Sabala
Jesus told his disciples: "Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” Are we doing what God asks of us, and living up to the purpose He created us for?

Read Amy's story of her dramatic realization of God's ... Continue reading →

The Way to New Life

04.20.12 posted by Ines Franklin
The path with Christ leads not to finding and preserving our life, but to lose and offer our old life so that the new life will be found. Jesus modeled this. He revealed to his followers that the awaited Messiah was also the suffering servant ... Continue reading →